Revolutionary legend


A legend of Mt. Baekhak


The undying feats of Kim Jong Suk, a woman general of Mt. Baekdu, are engraved in the folds of the countrys liberation.

She conducted the works in the homeland in May 1945, when the Korean People's Revolutionary Army led by great general Kim Il Sung, were preparing for the all-out attacks against Japanese imperialism.

She came to the Mt. Baekhak temporary secret camp in Sonbong County, North Hamgyong Province, where the Japanese police stations and guard posts prevailed everywhere due to the presence of a regimental headquarters of the Japanese army no less than 10-ri away from there.

While she led the works of the subunits and groups of the KPRA in the homeland, she helped them prepare to aggressively stage the harassing tactics in the enemys rear at the decisive battle.

At the time, legends spread, saying that the enemy became blind and deaf in front of the woman general of Mt. Baekdu.

One of them is as follows.

Three generals came to the foot of Mt. Baekhak from Mt. Baekdu by a crane, and they beamed so magic rays. The Japanese soldiers became blind even by looking at them or reduced to ashes, whole bodies burnt out.

And the woman general had excellently shot arrows.

One day, she shot an arrow at a wicked Japanese police, 100-ri away from her.

The Jap was hit in the vitals and died even not knowing where the arrow came from.

More surprisingly, the Japs could not access to the scene in spite of their desperation, became blind and deaf by dint of the rays and the loud sound of reading the book of military science and eventually run away in a flurry.

On 24th December, the occasion of the 86th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese woman hero, all the people praise her exploits for the countrys liberation along with the revolutionary legend for her, paying homage to her.